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05/04/2019 News

Total Malawi energizes Music Against Malaria Cultural festival

Music Against Malaria Cheque Presentation

Total Malawi Limited (TML) contributed to the Music against Malaria Cultural festival on 5th April 2019 when it donated K2 million to the festival preparations at an event held at its Head Office complex in Blantyre.

The donation comes as the Music against Malaria organization is preparing for a music festival to be held in April whose proceeds will be invested in refurbishing the Paediatrics ward at Chikwawa District Hospital.

Commenting on the initiative and Total’s involvement, TML’s Managing Director Salamata Ball noted that the Music for Malaria initiative appealed to them as the project touches on several areas of interest to the company.

“We believe that the Music against Malaria initiative is a good thing to carry on. Malaria is the deadliest disease in Africa and it is usually neglected as the focus is usually on HIV and other diseases. We are interested in helping with youth inclusion, women and children and this project will affect them all positively. On the other hand the initiative has a cultural aspect to it as well and culture is one of the focus areas in our corporate social responsibility. We believe that pushing this initiative is a way of also promoting culture and is important as it will remind people the value of the Malawian culture, heritage and pride,” she said.

In his response to the donation Code Sangala, the Co-Founder of the Music for Malaria initiative, explained that the they are a newly formed NGO that has organized the cultural festival as a way of raising funds for initiatives that zoom in on Malaria because it is undermined as a killer disease.

“We aim to bridge the gap between the government efforts and the initiatives of non-governmental organizations. We truly appreciate the support from Total as it will help us achieve a lot of things at the paediatrics ward in Chikwawa,” he said.

Music for Malaria officially kicked-off with a Malaria tour in 2017 for the rehabilitation of Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital and continues to fight for improved service delivery with a focus on Paediatric Accidents and Emergency Wards.