Protection and comfort

Protection and comfort

comfort product range

Car care products dedicated to the specific elements of the body and the interior of your vehicle for a greater comfort.

The product range

  • auto plus shampoo
    Auto Plus Shampoo 250 ml

    Removes dirt, greases and insects. Shines without leaving streaks. Preserves paintwork and color.

  • cockpit cleaner
    Cockpit cleaner 250 ml

    Cleans interior surfaces, revives plastic surfaces and gives them the shine back, Repels dust.

  • engine cleaner
    Engine Cleaner 400 ml

    Cleans engine components and other metal parts, dissolves and eliminates oil and greases, harmless for engine gaskets, radiator hoses and other rubber parts.

  • multipurpose upholstery
    Multipurpose Upholstery Cleaner 400 ml

    Dissolves greasy smudges thanks to its active foam, cleans fabrics and carpets in depth, eliminates bacteria, leaves a pleasant fragrance.

  • paper air freshener
    Paper air freshner "3 fragrances"

    Long lasting fragrance, refreshes the vehicle and eliminates unpleasant odours, leaves a pleasant fragrance.

  • air liquid freshener
    Air liquid freshner "Senteurs de France" 12ml

    Refreshes car's interior and eliminates unpleasant odours, three pleasant and original fragrances, packaging secured against pouring.

  • ambiance perfume
    Ambiance perfume tropical 75 ml

    Removes unpleasant odours, dry spraying, pleasant tropical fragrance.

  • multifunction fluid
    Multifunction fluid

    Unjams rusty parts and lubricates mechanisms, shields from corrosion, dispels dampness and eliminates tar and rubber, various application: auto, house, workshop.


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